Our research interests include power electronics for renewable energy sources (photovoltaic panels, fuel cells, etc.), energy storage devices (batteries and supercapacitors), and spacecraft power systems. Power conversion technology and its control on the basis of power electronics are essential to introduce renewable energy systems. Applications of power electronics converters cover a broad range, from small portable gadgets to planetary probes. We propose and develope novel power electronics converters and control techniques with the aim of practical use. Several collaborative research projects are underway in our laboratory, and we also work on the mission to develop novel power electronics converters for spacecraft power systems.


■リチウムイオン電池や電気二重層キャパシタ等の蓄電セルの電気特性ばらつきを解消する「セルバランス回路」(Cell Equalizer to Eliminate Voltage Imbalance of Lithium-Ion Batteries and Supercapacitors)


■太陽電池に掛かる影の悪影響を回避するための「部分影補償器」(Equalizer to Preclude Issues of Partial Shading on Photovoltaic Panels)


■コンバータと部分影補償器/セルバランス回路を統合した「 統合型コンバータ」(Converters Integrating Equalizers for Photovoltaic Panels or Energy Storage Cells)


■複数台のコンバータの一体化を可能とする「マルチポートコンバータ」(Multi-Port Converters Integrating Multiple Converters)


■スイッチトキャパシタによるコンバータの高効率化・小型軽量化・高電力密度化(Switched Capacitor Converters for Efficient and Miniature Power Conversion)


■人工衛星や惑星探査機搭載用コンバータ(Power Converters for Satellite and Spacecraft)


複数LEDストリングの電流を均一化するLEDドライバ(LED Drivers to Equalize Multiple LED String Currents)


再生エネルギーシステム用高昇圧コンバータ(High Step-Up Converters for Renewable Energy Systems)